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Only with justwax


Strong but gentle wax made of rosin glides in the hair, onto the skin giving firm grip and clean lift to remove all the hair.


Lanolin properties produced from wool-bearing animals protects the skin after the lift-off, leaving the skin supple and smooth.


With our line of premium products used, re-growth us softer and thinner and grows longer at 4-6 weeks. 


Why They Love justwax

Lifana Clara
Prisca Angelica

@justwax_id has been the most painless waxing experience for me  that’s why I keep coming back! Not to mention all the staff are really nice and humble.”

“Choose the expert of waxing @justwax_id to do it because it’s fast & pain free Trust me, cause I did remove 70% of my body hair here for my last trip to Bali “

Vienna Elfira Putri

“I also love to treat myself by going to my fav wax spot  @justwax_id for waxing. I love getting myself a wax treatment there, bcs they use hardwax so it's painless! ”

New to justwax?

We’ll ensure a painless waxing to get you ready for your daily adventures!


Just Safe

We make sure that our shops are 100% safe. Your safety is always our priority.

Need some pampering?

Get the best relaxing and painless waxing sessions with our friendly and professional waxing experts

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