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At Justwax, we make sure that the whole process of waxing is safe and effective in removing unwanted facial and body hair. We use heated wax on different parts of the body including eyebrows, face, pubic area, legs, arms, abdomen and feet. 


We guarantee stressless and pain-free waxing from first timers to seasoned waxing pros and importance on giving self-confidence to our lovely customers.  


Justwax gives the highest quality of organic hard wax used best for the most sensitive areas, as well as soothing skincare products leaving you and your skin feeling refreshed and renewed.


Strong but gentle wax made of rosin glides in the hair, onto the skin giving firm grip and clean lift to remove all the hair.


Lanolin properties produced from wool-bearing animals protects the skin after the lift-off, leaving the skin supple and smooth.


With our line of premium products used, re-growth us softer and thinner and grows longer at 4-6 weeks.


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